There is only one District in the whole of Maharashtra which could be fully narrated in a single word… SINDHUDURG… On the one side there are the huge and inviting Hill ranges of Sahyadri bestowed eminently by the nature and the ever important Sindhudurg Fort created by Hiroji Indalkar, the ace Architect of Shivaji Era and on the other side the expansive ocean in the form of another benevolence from  nature.
Sindhudurg has not just remained as another natural beauty but has made its indelible mark for Tourism as well. The pioneer spectacle from Konkan is now marching ahead to a new horizon with efficient development. International airport to various Tourist Resorts and Five star hotels are beginning to emerge at this location. Konkan Railway has provided a new acceleration and direction to the development of this area. The hefty challenge to preserve the inherited beauty of the natures and to lead the same to prosperity has been shouldered with utmost care by each and every component of this District…
The perennial greenery of the forests , the enchanting sounds of a variety of birds, the omnipresent excellence imbibed in the red soil, the local population and the cool and pleasant breeze at the sea shores  refreshes both the mind and the body
To own a Bungalow at such a location cannot just be called a matter of prestige. In fact it is our inner desire to be in the proximity of nature. It is a spiritual touch of inspiration to our minds…Through RANCO Realty we are bringing you a Project you would be overwhelmed with…A project that would fulfil all your aspirations and yet confidently vow not to compromise on Quality anywhere
‘RANCO’S Kokanat Bungalow’ is not just a concept on paper… Till now we have delivered FIVE ambitious projects before scheduled dates, to the utmost  satisfaction for our  clients. Reliability is our middle name and we are duly proud of the same… The NA plots here are completely as per the Town Planning  rules and we are ready to construct a Bungalow for you with the best of materials and as per your choice of Bungalow design…
We are committed to preserve of nature and hence none of our buildings would be high-rise… Due to the technological marvel of the horizontal borewells you will never face scarcity of water…Our projects are sure to provide you  'green' not only in your minds but also at your own bungalows...


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